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🚀 "MacGyver, Media, & Merchandise"

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In memory of Tony Hsieh (1973-2020)

Category: Biz & Tech | 🚀 Startups

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[11:11] “[MacGyver] was my favorite TV show growing up. And what I loved about it was, one, he wasn’t allowed to take the easy way out […]. And he never had exactly what he needed to get out of a sticky situation, but he still had the faith and optimism that somehow he would figure out how to cobble together duct tape and some paint cans […] and then build a plane and defeat the bad guys and save the world in the process.”

[11:45] “One of my favorite quotes about entrepreneurship or business in general is that: “It’s never about not having enough resources, it’s about not having enough resourcefulness.” And so, […] I love being entrepreneurial, because it’s really just about getting to play MacGyver but for business.”

[17:42] “Sometimes the best way to get people to unite is to create a common enemy. So in the moment the common enemy might seem bad, but that’s what causes people to unite.”

[19:10] “I think we are gonna create [AI] and then it’s like a kid creating a bomb and accidentally killing himself if he does it wrong.”

[33:49] “It’s more about trying to create the context and the environment, so that it allows people to flourish and thrive.”

[34:37] “Freedom requires structure and creativity requires constraints.”

[39:27] “Every time the size of a city doubles, innovation or productivity per resident increases by 15%, but you get the opposite effect in companies. As they get bigger, they become more bureaucratic, less innovative per employee. […] And so that’s a huge part of the reason why we are in the middle of restructuring Zappos to be more like a city and less like a […] typical bureaucratic organization.”

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