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☁️ "Long Haul Shipping & Trucks"

Cutting Carbon

Photo by Rhys Moult / Unsplash

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Hosts: Jeff Goldmeer & Brian Gutknect
Guest: Craig Harper | Chief Sustainability Officer | J.B. Hunt Transportation Services
Category: ☁️ Carbon Reduction | Shipping & Trucks

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Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[4:01] “We're very fortunate to have such a large intermodal offering. When you look into the different modes of transportation, you see that utilizing intermodal actually reduces the carbon footprint by 60% compared to moving that same load by truckload.

[4:40] “Also, we have JB Hunt 360. It's our multimodal digital freight platform, where we can really drive out cost, increase efficiency, and get the right truck on the right load at the right time. And what's unique about that platform is it's tools that we've developed […] to run our own fleet more efficiently and drive out waste and we've opened that up to the public. […] When you look at our own assets we've seen since 2020, we've eliminated over 6 million empty miles.”

[10:37] “Battery is here for the automobile side, and also for package delivery vehicles. But for the larger size, you still have too much of a weight penalty, a range penalty, and initial cost of getting into the equipment, the residual is unknown, and then the infrastructure about where you're going to charge that vehicle. So while those things are continuing to be developed, and they will develop, […] but in the interim, we don't need to sit back and wait.”

[22:14] “What we all want to do is focus first and foremost, on how to reduce or eliminate that carbon footprint. […] But you still have residual carbon. […] And that's where we have come out with a product, Clean Transport, where we will make available to customers a wide variety of carbon offset programs that they can participate in.”

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