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💸 Investing in Climate Tech

My Climate Journey

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[14:06] “I personally think that the more successful venture investors are in the [climate] space financially, the better it is for everybody. So, the more successful climate investors are financially that that is going to mobilize more capital and is also […] going to mobilize solutions that have more near term benefits.”

[14:46] “I feel like the urgency requires us to put into market a number of these solutions that can be deployed and commercially scaled up immediately and that can be build upon today’s infrastructure and that can deliver […] liquidity for investors in a […] shorter amount of time.”

[15:25] “There is two main things that we saw in the last few years that have motivated us […]. One is that institutionally billions and billions of dollars [were] created in new investment vehicles with large institutional investors, PE firms, banks, and other institutional investors. […] The second major shift is all the corporations that are making commitments to decarbonize their business.”

[23:43] “If you are a big fund that isn’t climate focussed and you want to have some activity in that space. […] You gonna want to come in a little later, when that technology risk has been addressed.”

[35:21] “I don’t think that innovation only is the solution. I think […] some kind of federal leadership or a policy […] like a carbon tax could absolutely be […] beneficial.”

[44:35] “I think we have gotten to the point where you cannot be so dogmatic or narrowly focussed only on 100% clean solutions. I think we gotta really also look for technologies that can reduce the emissions of these technologies that exist today.”

[45:16] “Only 5.6% of all US venture funds are run by women. And only 5% of all the partners in US venture funds are woman. And we are really excited to see more and more women coming into the game and starting funds in the space.”

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