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💬 "Inside the Billion-Dollar War Against Right-Wing Conspiracists"

Sway - A New York Times Podcast

Photo by Steve Houghton-Burnett / Unsplash

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Host: Kara Swisher
Guest: John Poulos, CEO, Dominion Voting Systems
Category: Society & Culture | 💬 Opinion

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[2:24] “I believe that the recent attacks [on the Capitol] were a direct consequence to the emotions that were stoked in large part because of the malicious campaign that was orchestrated by Sidney Powell.”

[2:51] “It strikes me how voters still don’t understand how their voting system works and the power of a voter verified paper ballot. And this lawsuit is really just the first step in trying to reclaim our reputation, the reputation of our employees and the reputation of our election officials that use our technology.”

[4:31] “Dominion does not run elections. Dominion provides technology that helps count ballots and specifically count paper ballots to the election officials that do have the accountability and responsibility to run elections.”

[8:08] “[We start with suing Sidney Powell because] she’s been the most prolific creator of these lies and certainly the most egregious spreader of these. And she’s been promoting these on a variety of media platforms with the purpose of defaming Dominion and our customers.”

[8:41] “[We won’t settle with Powell.] We feel like we have to go to trial […]. In the absence of anyone going on the record and anyone releasing the so-called evidence that they keep touting, we have no choice. […] This has to go in front of a judge. And a jury needs to rule on the verdict of all of the merits. […] The damage has been catastrophic for the company.”

[10:12] “[Regarding further lawsuits], we are ruling out nobody [including Donald Trump].”

[12:29] “[The problem is that] it’s almost like the truth and reality suspends when you want to believe something, and the purveyors of these lies go on national TV, and they say it as if it’s factual with such authority. And there’s no reservation. It really resonates, unfortunately, with a lot of people that want to believe the underlying message. […] We’ve all gotten death threats.”

[15:25] “We’ve had one [social media] platform [that] would not let us even try to post our own [statements] setting the record. […]. It was because we had the word voting in our name. And so, we were precluded from doing this. And it was very upsetting, […] we felt like we had our hands tied behind our back.”

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