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☁️ "How to Turn Your Credit Card into a Force for Climate Prosperity"

Who's Saving The Planet?

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Host: Lex Kiefhaber
Guest: Sanchali Pal | Founder & CEO | Joro
Category: ☁️ Carbon Reduction | Carbon Footprint

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[2:57] “More than 80% of Americans believe that climate change is real. Over a third of us consider ourselves climate alarmed. […] All of us want to know, where should we spend our time and effort that it's really going to matter? And how do we make changes that don't cause us to sacrifice the quality of our life in order to do so? And that's where Joro comes in. Joro is an app that allows you to connect your credit and debit cards, see the emissions behind everything you buy, and track, reduce, and offset all of the emissions from your life. Just like you can track and manage your finances, Joro helps you track and manage your carbon. So that instead of being in constant debt, you can really think about how to build wealth in the future, carbon wealth.”

[7:11] “I think the most powerful thing that […] climate communities really need to tap into is social validation. […] Even people who care about the planet want to look good. […] If someone's following you on the app, you're much more likely to reduce carbon. You reduce carbon by 20% more than if no one was following you on the app. Being able to share your progress with others […] really is powerful, and can be tapped into. And there certainly are financial motivators as well. Saving money is a huge one, also giving people benefits if they do better and giving them incentives. Maybe that's a deal off of a sustainable product or service.”

[11:49] “The app is free to use and it always will be. […] We make money if you decide to buy offsets. So if you say, here's my carbon footprint, I would like to go carbon neutral, I'm going to buy offsets through Joro, then we take a fee for managing that transaction, and for monitoring, evaluating, and curating the set of offsets that you're buying into, because not all offsets are created equal.”

[20:55] “When I first started thinking about this idea, I started realizing that I was an actor in a carbon credit market that was invisible to me. And I wanted to make it visible. And I wanted to be an intentional participant in that market. […] In theory, there's a lot of value to what Web3 could bring to be able to incentivize people to participate in carbon markets.”

[24:07] “Where the value of Joro is, we can connect your everyday actions you're already doing, your financial behavior that you're already engaging with, with carbon markets. We translate your current financial behavior in terms of your spending into carbon. And that can become a basis to partner with many other protocols. […] There's a lot of potential to use Joro as a way to connect to other vehicles, to be able to then monetize them and even use the value of the carbon that you've created in product.”

[27:46] “The top 10% of wealthiest people around the world have contributed over 50% of global emissions over the last 15 years. Also, the last IPCC report that came out just […] specifically called out high income folks as the most capable of having meaningful impact while also maintaining high standards of living. […] If you make over $60,000, a year in the US, you're in the top 10%, wealthiest of the world. And those are the people who really are going to be thinking about their carbon emissions. If you're below that, you have a lot of other things to worry about.”

[37:15] “Something like 40 to 70% of the emissions reductions we need can come from changes on the demand side. And that includes a lot of changes from consumers and our lifestyles. We're the ones who are on the cutting edge, reimagining what our world is going to look like and companies and governments aren't going to magically make those choices. They make it because their customers and our citizens demand it. So I think what I would say is we probably have a lot more power than you think.”

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