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(don't) Waste Water!

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Host: Antoine Walter
Guest: Abdelhakim El Fadil | Ph.D. Researcher & Podcast Host | Smart Water Solutions
Category: 🗣️ Opinion

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[4:55] “My background is in water technology. I’ve been working with Dow Chemical for about eight years […] and DuPont. And then last year I moved from […] working in the water industry to doing some fundamental research. So right now I’m doing a PhD on research and development of solvent-tolerant nanofiltration.”

[13:57] “When my job was traveling to the customer more than 40% of time [was in transit]. […] So it’s so much [time] lost. […] I was listening to podcasts, [like] Joe Rogan […] and [studying my next] customers. […] I started at the homepage, I tried to understand what kind of new product they have [etc.]. […] So this kind of content was not available in podcasts. […] If we would have someone [that] can bring us those insights, that will be valuable for us using that time instead of listening [to] music or whatever. So this is how […] I started doing my own podcast.”

[37:53] “Water technology is not like an […] electronic industry. So when I was working in the past, I had colleagues who worked in the electronic business and they changed their portfolio every three years, which means the R&D is working like hell […]. In water hardware technology, we’re still working with 20 years [old] membrane. So it takes a long time [until waste water and dissemination really get [to] new technology, which cannibalizes old technology […]. It takes [a] long time to replace the old portfolio.”

[49:12] “If you would ask me, what are you doing actually, what are [you] doing in this PhD project? I’m trying to answer two questions. The first, why do commercial water nanofiltration and commercial organic solvent nanofiltration fail when you use them in water contaminated with solvent? The second question that I need to answer […] is […] what are the criteria that the nanofiltration needs to fulfill in order to be [a] solvent tolerant nanofiltration?”

[1:03:25] “If you look to other industries, they are very well organized in terms of the content, [including] deep technical content, marketing content, and then also selling content. […] But when it comes to water, I don’t think we have very strong platforms and [therefore a] place where we can get those insights.”

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🕰️ 1 hr 7 min | 🗓️ 04/21/2021
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