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🍏 "How Purposeful Farming Can Change Everything"

Food with Mark Bittman

Photo by Zoe Schaeffer / Unsplash

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Host: Mark Bittman
Guests: Liz Carlisle | Assistant Professor | UC Santa Barbara,
Mai Nguyen | Activist & Latrice Tatsey | Ecologist
Category: 🍏 Sustainable Food | Farming

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Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[4:17] LC: “I've been really concerned for a long time about the degree to which agriculture contributes to climate change. The estimates range from a quarter to a third of global greenhouse gas emissions […]. And at the same time, I've been really excited about the idea that we could shift agriculture from a climate problem to a climate solution. And that because in agriculture, we partner with plants, those plants can draw carbon dioxide down from the atmosphere and replace it in the soil. So that all of those hundreds of years of you know plowing and releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere […] could all be healed in a sense through regenerative agriculture.”

[5:30] LC: “A truly regenerative agriculture goes back to those root causes of colonization and we need to look to the leadership of indigenous communities and communities of color that not only originated these practices of regenerative agriculture hundreds, thousands of years ago in their own communities, but also have been honing them as strategies of survival and resistance in the face of the very extractive agriculture that those communities are on the frontlines of.”

[6:45] LC: “Regenerative agriculture, in order to achieve its goals of moving the needle on climate change needs to engage with racial justice and land justice. […] We're talking about regenerative agriculture, we're talking about how to sequester carbon in soil through agricultural methods that really center soil health. And in order for that to happen, that needs to be part of larger social processes as well. We can't imagine that these technical changes will be achieved on their own without being part of a larger set of social changes.”

[9:09] MN: “We still only have 2% of US farmland as certified organic.

[19:21] LT: “For me, [it]'s really […] about using grazing as a tool, and using buffalo or bison as a tool, and how to have better management practices so that that relationship of the carbon sink in the soil and the grazing can be integrated back in a more positive context instead of everybody pointing fingers. […] You got to find a balance and you have to understand that we kind of mess that up and it's about relearning that.”

[24:54] MN: “Regenerative farming [is] a term that makes me roll my eyes […], because it's the hot term. And I've been in so many conversations too, where there's a great deal of gatekeeping and grandstanding.”

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🕰️ 46 min | 🗓️ 07/05/2022
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