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⚡ "EV Charging in Scandinavia"


Photo by Sophie Jonas / Unsplash

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Host: James McWalter
Guest: Tomi Ristimäki | CEO | Kempower
Category: ⚡ Renewable Energy | EV Charging

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[0:13] TR: “Kempower is a Finish […] fast charger manufacturer […] for electric vehicles, buses, [and] work machines. […] If we look at our customers […] the biggest group is transport operators […], public transport operators, [and] logistic companies.”

[6:38] “Our solution is for larger installations, larger charging sites. […] We actually believe that […] single chargers are not the way EVs are becoming the norm. That […] [applies to] the private car industry and also, if we look at public transportation, there never use a single vehicle, there is always a fleet. And this is the same also, when we look at the electric trucks in the future, I think our main core is the logistics centers, where you charge the vehicles when you're loading and unloading or where the vehicle spends the night. […] We see the future [of] charging sites [being] somehow concentrated.”

[9:38] “I think the sites where you're charging cars will be the places where you get other services. So you don't actually spend extra time for charging. […] I think the gas station is the wrong term in the future, I think it's like a human service station, where you have other services, where the people need to stop anyway. […] In Europe, you see a lot of fast food chains and grocery stores investing in charging equipment.“

[12:04] “I think the main grid in most of the countries can handle the extra load. But it's the last [mile], which has a problem. I mean, the living areas or shopping malls, [where] the actual connection from the main grid to that site is limited. And that needs some investments in the world. And then you need some smart charging also for living areas or suburban areas where you might have a lot of costs for charging.”

[25:11] “In the EU there is a lot of legislation going on, which actually supports the electrification process and actually makes it a must actually from the infrastructure side. I myself don't like subsidies on my own business that much, but I’d say the subsidies [for] people getting the EVs solves the chicken and the egg situation in a way that if you support the getting of the EVs, the infrastructure will follow.”

[29:49] “In Norway, […] new car [sales are] more than 60% either plug-in hybrid or electric.

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