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⚡ "EV Charging, Energy Storage, Underserved Communities"

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Host: Silas Mähner
Guests: Folasade Ayoola & Anurag Kamal | Co-Founders | ElectricFish
Category: ⚡ Renewable Energy

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[20:38] AK: “Our product itself tries to eliminate this barrier [of long EV charging times] by having the fast charging [and] capping it to just 10 minutes. And deploying at a place where people only go for 5 to 7 minutes like gas stations, […] convenience stores, even the quick stops, […] curbside pickup places. […] So we target those locations, put our box there, […] it takes a parking spot right now, but we’re working on making it smaller as we go forward. […] We make sure that people […] get that top range of 50 to 170 miles depending upon which car you drive […] in 10 minutes of charging.”

[22:18] FA: “The idea and the decision to go with […] gas stations and convenience stores was building ubiquity into our deployment strategy. […] There are so many people right now who don't have access to home charging. […] [When you look at] the statistics of folks who are able to own their own homes, especially a younger demographic, who tend to be the earlier adopters, then you start to see this gap. And then when you start to deep dive based on race, black, Latinx communities, and discrepancies there, it shows there's a lot of people who are being left behind in the clean energy transition. And even the current adopters suffer a lot of range anxiety.”

[23:42] FA: “When we dug into the numbers for […] also trying to provide reliability, [we looked at] historical public safety power shut off data. What communities get shut off first? Who does it disproportionately impact? How can we build out electricity infrastructure for the future that meets the cost concern, but also the reliability concern, any equity concern? It's a no-brainer to make that a distributed resource.”

[27:22] FA: “On the energy storage part, the beauty of that is the market is evolving towards a place where the value really that energy storage, especially battery energy storage provides is being compensated, and should be compensated. And so […] if we don't have any cars coming through, we can still use the battery to provide valuable grid services, provide grid balancing, provide backup power, peak shaving, all of these critical services that both the utility or the grid operator or the customer needs. And so we immediately have this really beautiful model that allows us to utilize the energy storage asset and the entire module to the fullest.”

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