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🤖 Disrupting UV Disinfection

(don't) Waste Water!

Photo by Marcel Strauß / Unsplash

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Host: Antoine Walter
Guest: Wayne Byrne | CEO | Typhon Treatment Systems
Category: 🤖 Technology

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[9:16] “UV […] [is] a really important contributor to safe drinking water, certainly for the last 25 plus years. […] What is becoming interesting the last 10 plus years is in terms of […] the UV-C LED transition. And so, at the moment, […] water benefits from […] an exemption […] for the use of mercury. To utilize a UV in the conventional way, we use mercury vapor lamps. […] I think we're starting to see a time in the future where it's no longer required to deploy UV utilizing mercury vapor lamps.”

[14:40] “I think chlorine is something that's going to remain pervasive in the industry, particularly for network management. So, UV is fantastic at destroying DNA and RNA, for the likes of e. coli, cholera, cryptosporidium, at that particular point of application or the point of dose. Obviously, in terms of managing networks dosing with chlorine or with chemicals is going to be more difficult to move away from. And until we have, and I'm sure we will one day, fantastical bots that will go down the network and keep it clean with the use of UV LEDs, I think we will, for the most part rely on chemicals for network management. But I do see that through the transformative use of LEDs, that we open up the possibility of transforming the industry because it's a digital solution, which basically allows us the possibility of being far more reactive to the circumstances in which we're dealing with at a given time.”

[21:01] “Typhon’s USP is the fact that we have been able to bridge a fairly cavernous divide between point of use, point of entry and municipal scale. And so in order to enter into municipal scale, we're having to amplify the baseline advantages of UV-C LEDs today. So the […] areas that we give that amplification or deliver that application is around […] germicidal efficiency. So we take a much more targeted delivery. And so every milliwatt of energy that we apply, is being delivered against that wavelength. So we get the most efficient use of our photons against the genetic destruction of viruses and bacteria.”

[38:41] “We're also very active in the R&D front. Our next significant customer is actually in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco. And that's actually a reuse project. […] It's not something that you would typically find UV-C led solutions orienting towards, because they require higher power demands […] and they tend to be a little bit more challenging and trickier. But what we want […] to demonstrate […] is that and that we can expand our market beyond a drinking water disinfection. And we are interested in exploiting lice in the treatment of water in order to give us better circularity in the water sector. Certainly, reuse has become a very hot topic in the last 10 years, particularly in water stress regions.”

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