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🧠 "Discomfort Is Good For You!"

The Dr. Gundry Podcast

Photo by Tobias Oetiker / Unsplash

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Host: Dr. Steven Gundry
Guest: Wim Hof, The Iceman
Category: Health | 🧠 Biohacking

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[14:36] “[R]ight now, in the time of COVID, […] they talk about masks, they talk about social distancing but they don’t talk about, how can you naturally boost, activate, within your will, your immune system? And that is almost scandalous […]. [T]hey should inform people […] because it is scientifically endorsed.”

[18:04] “We have over comforted ourselves. We are […] civilized to death. […] [W]e always wear clothes while our biggest organ is our skin. And in the skin, we got thousands or millions of thermal receptors and electro receptors, which [are] directly related and connected to the vascular system and our neurology, the nervous system. […] And through cold and heat, through being outside, environmental stress, we get stimulation. And then, the millions of little muscles inside the vascular system are being exercised through this stimulation. Now, it’s not stimulated all time, it’s always in a neutral modus […] All these little primitive muscles are not being stimulated, who is paying the consequence for that? Our heart, because it needs to beat harder, it needs to beat more, […]. And that’s what happens in our society, besides cardiovascular-related diseases, [heart disease is] killer number one […].”

[20:45] “What happens if we take a cold shower a day? […] [Y]ou will find out that the heart rate will go down, with 20 to 30 beats a minute, 24 hours a day. That means the stress will go down, that means the stress signaling to the liver will go down […]. And the other thing is, when those little muscles [on your skin], millions of them, are being exercised. Then the blood flow reaches with the oxygen, nutrients, the vitamins, the cells a whole lot better. Bottom line is, more energy, less stress.”

[26:05] “[C]old is a stress, heat is a stress, emotion can be a stressor, mental stress, congestion, boredom, anything that is stress translates itself to cell biological stress. And that cell biological stress, we can tackle through these breathing exercises, to activate the adrenal axis and reset the body. And reset the body means, in danger, the adrenaline exposes anything that it doesn’t need to have, to become the best within its functionality, that is the rule in nature.”

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