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🚀 "Designing for, Marketing to, and Partnering With Gen Z"

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Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[1:24] “If you don’t have the years (born between 1995 and 2010) using your product or talking about your product or sharing your product […], you are irrelevant. And so, that’s why every single company that is targeting consumers needs to care about GenZs, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or whether you are a startup.”

[2:20] “GenZ is the first generation that’s mobile first and mobile native.”

[3:23] “29% of youth in America want to become vloggers or YouTubers versus 23% want to become professional athletes. […] On the platforms that GenZ wants to be an influencer on, TikTok seems the easiest.”

[7:07] “GenZs prefer video over text for like 99% of things. […] 65% of GenZ prefers FaceTime over any other communication to keep in touch with friends.”

[7:54] “Multitasking is what we were born into, because of smart phones. […] GenZ […] wants to be able to be super fluid and switch across these different identities.”

[9:23] “GenZs are definitely very smart about the perception that they put out there across different social media networks. GenZs are brand strategists from age 10.”

[13:42] “Influencers are good for more authentic collaborations that are closer to home for the fans. Celebrities are not relatable. […] Aspirational and relatable - gotta be both.”

[15:59] “I think creators are starting the new billion dollar commerce brands and new billion dollar media companies.”

[17:27] “I think the biggest mess-ups is when brands randomly jump on the bandwagons or trends without fully understanding where the trend has come from, what the trend means, […] and how it is relevant to GenZ.”

[21:16] “GenZs are very perceptive of the brands that they buy from […] and also the places that they want to work at. And so, they are very value driven around human rights and the environment and political reform and education. With that, brands need to figure out what they stand for and live by it. […] Not having as stance is taking a stance. Not having a stance means you don’t care about these things.”

[22:21] “There’s gonna be a future where work is more project based. The new American Dream for GenZ is to being able to work wherever we want whenever we want. […] GenZ is a side hustle generation, because from a young age we realize that we can hustle to make money online. You can really break it down into […] three categories of freelancing, […] making strategic investments, […] creating content.”

[26:59] “In regards to shopping, there is more stores doing popups and doing these limited edition or like time-based activations that are really cool, really relevant to lure these GenZs to come in, try out the products, take some cool photos. You’re seeing a lot of direct-to-consumer brands making popup stores or even just brick and mortar more as a marketing expense as opposed to a place to drive sales, which is very interesting.”

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