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💬 "China - Climate Hero, or Climate Villain?"

Climate 21

Photo by Yan Ke / Unsplash

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Host: Tom Raftery
Guest: Daniel Berger | Partner | EAC
Category: 💬 Opinion | China & Climate

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Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[2:31] “China has been within the region, not only the major production hub, but also […] the environmental center. […] China has realized that pollution and environmental topics are impacting health, the ability also to grow food and in China, there are a lot of people who need to be fed. Housing is a topic, scarcity of land, safety, growth, all these topics in which China has come to realize [are important].”

[5:50] “China is accounting at the moment for 30% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. […] The GDP global share of China is 18%. So it's an over proportionate pollution on GDP generated. However, […] the per capita emission is rather low, around 7 tonnes, compared to the US [where] it's about 14-15 tonnes.

[6:18] “Keep in mind that China is [still] a developing country. So China started rather late with industrialization. China had other priorities in the past. […] However, […] China has realized the importance of the environment. […] There’s a clear message also from the government in Beijing: carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. […] If you look at industrialized countries, they took much longer to reach from peak to neutrality.”

[10:18] “China does have a really broad set of policies, a broad set of regulations, and also big pockets to fund that. […] The National Development and Reform Commission, which is also an economic planning body of the state government, has invested over the last years around 70 billion Euro into these kinds of programs. […] Other think tanks estimate total investments into environmental and energy reduction of around 20 trillion Euro, not from the government, but from the entire industry.

[13:20] “2021 compared to 2020, we had a doubling of E-cars being sold to China. […] Last year at around 3.3 million vehicles [were] sold.”

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🕰️ 28 min | 🗓️ 07/06/2022
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