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🤖 The Next Generation of Water Management Solutions

Smart Water Solutions

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Host: Hakim El Fadil
Guest: Baker Bozeyeh | CEO | Flowless
Category: 🤖 Technology

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[3:19] “We work with municipalities, water utility companies and farmers as well, to help them optimize their operations and enhance water efficiency. So what we do is we provide a full comprehensive solution consisting of hardware and software components. So the hardware basically collects data from the network, data like water flow, water pressure, for farmers, we collect data on soil moisture, on air humidity, and air temperature. […] The hardware is basically a data transmitter that can be connected to any type of meter or sensor to collect the needed data based on the needs of each customer and each client. Then all the data is consolidated and stored on our cloud based database. Then our platform analyzes this data, providing interpretations and analytics to identify the problems and the water network automatically detects leaks, and optimize operations and water networks and irrigation systems. So this includes optimizing irrigation and water supply, we use artificial intelligence to analyze the data and automatically detect leaks with high accuracy and minimum human intervention.

[5:30] “We provide daily and monthly reports, like water balance, to identify how much is supplied to a certain zone or a certain area, how much is actually consumed by consumers and how much is lost. […] The concept of the water balance is used worldwide to track consumption, and see how much you're losing, how much people are actually consuming and so on. So this is one type of report that we provide. We also provide alerts in case of any problems, like if the flow is high, if there is a leak in the network, if there is quality hazards, like an increase in chlorine concentration, or maybe turbidity […] based on the data that we collect through different sensors.”

[8:10] “Water is a very valuable resource, but most of the time, we don't realize this, because in the morning, when you open your tap, and water flows out, so you don't care about water stress or water losses or whatever. But we actually must realize that it is a valuable resource, because in fact, 1/4 of the world population do[es] not have access to safe water supply. So it's a privilege in some cases. And we are still losing millions and millions of liters every year as water losses.”

[9:06] “The estimate for […] the global water losses is $14 billion every year […]. If we managed to get these losses to the half, we would be managing to provide […] water for 90 million people. […] So it is a big problem. And in developing countries, it's even […] much more severe. For example in Palestine, 1/3 of the water supply is lost before even reaching the households or the end consumers. And in some cases, this can reach up to 50 and 60% losses. This is estimated in Palestine at $54 million every year.”

[12:37] “We help to predict the amount of leaks, the amount of water losses, and to accurately detect the location for these leaks. So that they can reduce the amount of effort used to detect these leaks and fix them. […] The most essential parameters for leak detection are flow and pressure.”

[13:53] “There are no regular operations and regular interventions to monitor and control non revenue water. Non revenue water is a technical term for losses, but different types of losses, not only leaks, but also illegal losses and […] other types as well. So if the utility company do[esn]'t take active measures and [is] proactive on detecting and managing non revenue water, it would be a problem. And if it's neglected for a long time, it would be a nightmare, even in new networks. Because […] it's very normal for these systems to have some defects, some manufacturing problems, or implementation problems or even as simple as illegal connections […]. So it is a must for any utility to monitor and control non revenue water.”

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