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Podcast: The Pomp Podcast
Episode: “Russia, Ukraine, China, Oil & Bitcoin”
Host: Anthony Pompliano
Category: 📈 Market
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 11 min | 🗓️ 02/25/2022

Selected Quote:

[8:15] “The next best option to being the producer and distributor of the global reserve currency is to be the most advanced user and holder of a global reserve currency that no single country controls. That incentive leads these superpowers to realize that Bitcoin will be essential for decades to come. The countries that have a large ownership stake, along with conducting mining and other pro Bitcoin activities within their country will have a significant advantage.”

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Podcast: Pivot
Episode: Conservative Social Media, Free Speech & Content Moderation
Host: Casey Newton
Guests: George Farmer | CEO | Parler &
Jason Miller | CEO | GETTR
Category: 💬 Opinion
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 47 min | 🗓️ 02/26/2022

Selected Quote:

[28:24] JM: “Traditionally, in US history, the free speech debate was largely a center, center left, […] whether it be women's rights, or African American rights, or gay rights. […] But […] the pendulum is gonna swing back and we see Nicki Minaj getting sentenced to digital jail for daring to raise questions about vaccine effectiveness. The cancel culture, once that pendulum gets swinging, you never know when it's gonna come after you. And so that's why it's good to decentralize and get things away from Twitter and Facebook and all the power being in the hands of these few people. […] The fact that we've recently added everything from feminists in the UK to a whole bunch of mainstream media reporters here in the US, I think it's great. So the more the merrier. I’m not saying that people are gonna agree with the leftist centered perspective all that much, but they're welcome.”

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Podcast: Masters of Scale
Episode: “Ukraine Reverberations, Inflation Volatility, Lessons from Peloton & More”
Hosts: Reid Hoffman & Bob Safian
Category: 💡 Business Lessons
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 55 min | 🗓️ 03/01/2022

Selected Quote:

[34:13] RH: “One of the things that happens is that competition causes serious change. And it's one of the things that is broadly lost in current congressional and media discourse around these companies. […] And I think there's just a whole set of questions that they don't understand around the antitrust side. So one of them, for example, is we're at 5 large U.S. tech companies, but we're heading towards 10, not towards 3. And the more that you're building, you have a multi-polar environment. The real question in monopoly […] is [whether] that's dominating everything and causing bad things for the ecosystem, bad things for wages of workers, bad things for prices for consumers, bad things for political power, et cetera. And actually, in fact, you're heading towards more of them rather than fewer of them.”

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Podcast: Recode Daily
Episode: “Crypto Succession”
Host: Rani Molla
Guest: Rebecca Heilweil | Reporter | Recode
Category: ₿ Crypto
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 10 min | 🗓️ 03/02/2022

Selected Quote:

[4:31] “There are a crop of startups that are now showing up that build tech specifically for cryptocurrency inheritance. Two of them are called Safe Haven and Casa. These two companies maybe use different technology but basically the idea is that you can lock your crypto within several other layers of private keys, or passwords which you can then disperse across several different people, may be multiple children or your loved one. And then you need multiple of these people to come together. To actually unlock that asset. […] It's really very, very complicated, but it's supposed to solve this problem.”

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Podcast: Not Investment Advice
Episode: “Ukraine-Russia, Sanctions, Crypto/Bitcoin Effect, Big Tech Response, Information Battle”
Hosts: Jack Butcher, Bilal Zaidi & Trung Phan
Category: 💬 Opinion
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 54 min | 🗓️ 03/02/2022

Selected Quote:

[47:06] JB: “There was a huge catalyst for the value of Bitcoin over the course of this conflict in the last few days. […] People [are] moving out of a currency that is attached to a nation state that's doing insane shit and moving into politically neutral money. […] Code is neutral. […] To even be in a position where everything you've ever worked for can be completely obliterated overnight, that is, I think, a human rights issue. And I think the most eloquent advocates for Bitcoin, in particular, have made great cases for that. And you can’t empathize with that when you've been sitting in the most privileged currency and environmental and societal status your entire life. It's just not something that crosses your mind. But South American countries have gone through hyperinflation. And there's countless examples where people have moved into Bitcoin to protect their wealth.”

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