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Podcast: Offline with Jon Favreau
Episode: “The Very Online War in Ukraine”
Host: Jon Favreau
Guest: Kara Swisher | Journalist
Category: 💬 Opinion
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 1 hr 4 min | 🗓️ 03/06/2022

Selected Quote:

[31:22] “[Social media] is a million lies going to a million heads all different. […] The very first column I wrote for The New York Times […] was talking about that it weaponizes and amplifies. And I call them the arms dealers of the digital age. That's what they are. They give everyone lots of guns. And so when you put lots of guns in people's hands, people die. […] It's switched from accuracy, context and speed to speed, engagement, and virality. […] The other thing it's meant to do is addict […] and now through the pandemic, it's necessary. You can't not be online. And it's also for entertainment. So it's addictive and necessary, and it's designed to engage you and enrage you. […] All the good uses of it, of which there are many and should be mostly, are out the window when you have that stuff.”

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Podcast: Recode Daily
Episode: “Big Tech’s Russia Problem”
Host: Adam Clark Estes
Guest: Shirin Ghaffary | Senior Reporter | Recode
Category: 💬 Opinion
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 11 min | 🗓️ 03/04/2022

Selected Quote:

[4:57] “In the past, the Russian government has threatened to arrest employees of Google and Apple. And that was last September, when supporters of Alexei Navalny […] made an app to help people vote. And the Russian government threatened to, again, arrest Apple and Google employees if they did not take down this app from their stores. So Apple and Google actually went ahead and deleted the app.”

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Podcast: The Pomp Podcast
Episode: “Operating a Baseball Team on the Bitcoin Standard”
Host: Anthony Pompliano
Guest: Steven Nelkovski | CEO | Perth Heat Baseball Club
Category: ₿ Crypto
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 56 min | 🗓️ 03/07/2022

Selected Quote:

[10:03] “We're gonna install some […] solar panels and use that [for energy generation for mining Bitcoin]. But if you actually look at sports venues across the world, you've got these huge facilities that are sitting there doing nothing for how many days a year, 300 days a year, 320 days a year, 250 days. And they've got the footprint that we can incorporate renewable energy to then create a revenue stream, which can also support the local community. Any revenue we raise from Bitcoin mining, that will go back into the local community to help young baseball players, equipment, help with fees that they may need or if there's teams traveling around the country and they need support.“

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Podcast: How I Built This
Episode: Building Discord
Host: Guy Raz
Guest: Jason Citron | Founder & CEO | Discord
Category: 👨‍🔧 Founder Stories
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 1 hr 25 min | 🗓️ 03/07/2022

Selected Quote:

[1:05:47] “One of our philosophies was small and mighty teams. I fundamentally believe that you can get a tremendous amount of work done with a small group of really talented people by making smart technology choices that give you a lot of leverage. And also by focusing really clearly and saying no to a lot of stuff. And by staying small and growing slowly, we were really able to lay the foundation and create a great place to work so that when it came time to grow faster, we had a lot of good stuff in place.“

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Podcast: Invest Like The Best
Episode: What’s Missing in the Investment World
Host: Patrick O'Shaughnessy
Guest: Garry Tan | Founder & Managing Partner | Initialized Capital
Category: 💸 Venture Capital
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 1 hr | 🗓️ 03/08/2022

Selected Quote:

[12:42] “[The investing world] is really about attention. I want to go back to this idea of the wrapping paper versus the gift. And having been at YC and then now running a multi billion dollar fund, the craziest thing to me is seeing that we don't need to necessarily do many hour pitches per se. YC was able to make something very valuable just in the 10 minute interview. Obviously, a lot of people realize that whether a pitch will work or not, is basically not the sum total of the 60 minutes, it tends to be the first 5 or 10 minutes. […] One of the things that I learned from Paul Graham the most […] is the hard part about playing chess is being smart, it's not learning how the pieces move. So you need to look at companies at a much more fundamental level. That is not the gift wrapping. You need to look at the gift itself.

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