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🏆 Top 10 Climate Bites to Read this Week

PodSnacks' Climate Picks

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⚡ Carbon & Energy

Podcast: Sway
Episode: “Can we Tech our Way out of Climate Change?”
Host: Kara Swisher
Guest: John Doerr | Chairman | Kleiner Perkins
Category: 💬 Opinion | Climate Tech
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 39 min | 🗓️ 06/13/2022

Selected Quote:

[31:16] JD: “What we really need to make this happen isn't greater scale, we need greater speed. I'm worried we're going to run out of time. And we need better measurements also. […] There's a project called Climate TRACE. […] It's a nonprofit coalition of some 50 companies that are pooling their data in real time over emissions. […] It's kind of like Google Earth, that you can track the emissions of this carbon pollution all around the world. And they've agreed to standardize this information and make it available through APIs.”

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Podcast: Catalyst with Shayle Kann
Episode: “From Biowaste to “Biogold””
Host: Shayle Kann
Guest: Julio Friedmann | Chief Scientist | Carbon Direct
Category: ☁️ Carbon Reduction | Biomass
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 41 min | 🗓️ 06/09/2022

Selected Quote:

[9:25] JF: “There's basically three main categories of bio wastes. Forestry waste: these are things like barks and twigs what the forestry guys call, slash, dead trees. […] There is agricultural wastes: everything from almond pits to walnut husks to corn stover to waste straw. And then the last is municipal solid wastes, effectively trash, and that includes everything from the food you throw away to the plastics you throw away. And all of those are considered biomass that is a waste today. […] A study we did is on the order of 2.5 to 5.5 billion tons of CO2 could be removed by just using that waste.

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Podcast: Climate Now
Episode: “Concrete, Steel & Plastics: Paths to a Greener Industrial Sector”
Host: James Lawler
Guest: Dr. Rebecca Dell | Program Director, Industry | ClimateWorks Foundation
Category: ☁️ Carbon Reduction | Green Industry
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 37 min | 🗓️ 05/02/2022

Selected Quote:

[5:56] “If you look at the total lifecycle emissions of the petrochemical industry, we're talking about more than 3 billion tons of CO2 equivalent emissions per year from that sector. To give […] a frame of comparison, the total greenhouse gas emissions from the entire US economy are like 5.5 billion tons. […] It's half of the emissions of the entire US economy for this one sector.

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Podcast: The Big Switch
Episode: “A Road Map to Net Zero Buildings”
Host: Dr. Melissa Lott
Guest: Keith Kinch | General Manager & Co-Founder | BlocPower
Category: ☁️ Carbon Reduction | Net Zero Buildings
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 21 min | 🗓️ 06/02/2022

Selected Quote:

[19:08] ML: “If we want to decarbonize our buildings, we have to do four things. First, we have to make our buildings energy efficient, and manage how we use energy. Second, we have to electrify our buildings or move to other zero carbon fuels. And third, we have to decarbonize the electricity itself. Fourth, we need to bring together lots of people and the local government to make these projects happen at scale.”

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Podcast: Invested In Climate
Episode: “Moving Billions through 401(k)s”
Host: Jason Rissman
Guest: Alex Wright-Gladstein | Founder & CEO | Sphere
Category: 💸 Investing | Green 401(k)s
Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 48 min | 🗓️ 06/13/2022

Selected Quote:

[13:15] “The average person has about $6,000 invested in the fossil fuel industry via their 401(k). But when you look at their sphere of influence, […] especially if [you] work at a big company, […] [there are] tens of billions of invested in 401(k)s, which means that there could be a billion dollars just from your own company 401(k) directly invested in the fossil fuel industry.”

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Podcast: Carbotnic
Episode: “Predicting Energy Markets”
Host: James McWalter
Guest: Lauren Kuntz | CEO and Co-Founder | Gaiascope
Category: ⚡ Renewable Energy | Energy Forecasting
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 38 min | 🗓️ 06/07/2022

Selected Quote:

[17:18] “The one area that still really frustrates me […] is around demand response. I feel like the way right now demand response markets are set up as you get rewarded for peak shaving. So at times, when there's a lot of load on the grid, if you are able to reduce your load, you can get paid for this. But you can't get paid for filling troughs. So if you have too much renewable generation, and prices are negative, most demand rockets are set up where you can't take advantage of that. So you're really limiting how that resource can interact and what benefit they can provide from the grid, because you haven't incentivized them properly.”

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Podcast: CleanTechies
Episode: “The Current and Future State of the ESG Software”
Host: Silas Mähner
Guest: Sondra Tosky | Senior Product Manager | Higg
Category: 💬 Opinion | ESG Software
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 51 min | 🗓️ 06/11/2022

Selected Quote:

[29:10] “Where I think we're starting to see some new innovation is around […] finding ways to calculate specifically consumer goods. […] There are numerous potential regulations coming out around putting labels on products. France just made a proposal that in 2023, they want to have product labeling […] New York has also been floating ideas around that.”

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💧 Food & Water

Podcast: Water We Doing?
Episode: “The Future of Green is Blue! Water Powered Renewable Energy”
Host: David Evans
Guests: Michael Henriksen | CEO | Wavepiston &
Dr. Steve Grasby | President | Geothermal Canada &
Dr. Greg Stone | Chief Ocean Scientist | The Metals Company
Category: 🤖 Technology | Water Powered Energy
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 37 min | 🗓️ 06/08/2022

Selected Quote:

[23:31] GS: “There's zero waste in [mining polymetallic nodules]. This is 100% usable metal and what's not metal is non-toxic, and a perfect additive for cement. There's no waste, whereas in the traditional mining industry, it's 99% waste. […] And you can find enough of these [polymetallic nodules] in an area less than 1% of the bottom of the seafloor to supply humanity for hundreds of years.

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Podcast: Climate 21
Episode: Plant-Based Tuna Made From Seaweed
Host: Tom Raftery
Guest: Jacob von Manteuffel | Co-Founder | Bettaf!sh
Category: 🍏 Sustainable Food | Plant-Based Tuna
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 31 min | 🗓️ 06/07/2022

Selected Quote:

[13:15] “In Europe, right now, we can cultivate only four seaweed species. […] If you would put that into perspective with land crops, it’s like we are living in the stone age. […] And yet, such a large part of our planet's covered by oceans. So there's really a huge opportunity here when it comes to the future of food.”

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Podcast: The Future of Water
Episode: “Disruptors, Winners & Losers, & Trends in Water”
Host: Reese Tisdale
Guests: Eric Bindler | Research Director | Bluefield Research &
Keith Hays | Co-Founder | Bluefield Research &
Steph Aldock | Marketing Director | Bluefield Research
Category: 🔬 Research | Water Trends
Apple | Spotify | Google | 🕰️ 39 min | 🗓️ 06/07/2022

Selected Quote:

[26:40] RT: “We're starting to see some of these larger players really look at hydrogen or hydrogen hubs to be deployed for electric power storage, use it for transportation, and maybe on site power, or even fertilizer manufacturing ammonia, and things like that. […] The hydrogen piece is probably further than 10 years out. But the reason we're talking about this [is] water is the raw material [which] is supplying the plant. […] And then there's […] some [water] treatment that will have to be had. […] But also what is the supply? […] The point is, it could be an opportunity for water utilities to also partly invest in their own system for other uses as well.”

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